TUTL cooperation

TUTL kicks off European cooperation with the rocking factory

The rocking factory is proud to announce that 2008 will bring the biggest record label from the Faroe Islands closer to the European continent via a partnership with the rocking factory in Brussels.

TUTL has existed for 31 years and represents almost all professional Faroese music within rock, pop, electro, indie, world, folk, jazz, classical, etc…

The rocking factory will immediately start representing TUTL on the continent. It will be a declared goal to get as many TUTL bands on the road as possible in 2008. Furthermore TUTL’s artists will actively be promoted to relevant European music professionals. Ultimately this should result in an increase in the distribution of Faroese music in Europe and strengthen the scenes profile in the medias.

We will focus on the Central European markets. In particular Germany, France, BENELUX, Switzerland and Austria.

By getting a daily presence in the heart of Europe TUTL and the rocking factory together hope to become a key factor in the ongoing process of strengthening the profile of Faroese music abroad.


A vital step in the process of getting Faroese music spread to the rest of the world is the establishment of TUTL touring. TUTL touring is a revolutionary new service offered to international booking agencies. In brief TUTL touring consists of 1-year partnerships between TUTL and various European booking agents. The partnership gives the agent exclusive access to booking the best Faroese bands of the moment in her/his territory.